HSEQ & Medical

Lowland Medical Services is specialised in Medical Care, Health, Safety & Environment. We provide highly trained and very experienced doctors, safety officers and medics for the oil & gas-, maritime- and wind sectors.
For example offshore vessels, barges, DSV’s, drilling rigs, offshore supportive vessels and onshore remote locations. Looking for doctors, nurses, hyperbaric diving medics, QHSE managers, medics from Western and Eastern Europe, or Asia… Lowland can supply the right candidate.

The position of medic is often combined with that of safety coordinator. Our medics are specially trained to fill this role and are also known as HSE advisors for this reason.

Medical support and back-up from doctors on shore is equally available. Lowland is capable of setting up complete temporary sick-bays – fully fitted with equipment and medicine – suitable for providing medical assistance in either remote areas or on newly built vessels, offshore facilities and drilling platforms.